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The Percussion Room

  • Assignments
    Percussion and timpani part-assignments. Find out how many players are required, what instruments you need, and who plays what. Even find out if percussion or timpani is not required.
  • Percussion Dictionary
    Don't know what a Yunque is? Check the dictionary!
  • Auditions
    Percussion and timpani audition lists from orchestras around the world. Ready to download!
  • More
    Instrument usage-statistics (quite interesting), plus, things that haven't found a proper home.

Latest Updates
Assignments for Young Person's Guide updated. Another one that somehow "got away" and has been sitting around with old information in it. Check out the new version. Slightly unusual assignments perhaps (P3 will have some fun), but good for five players. [P.S.: Take a minute and let me know if you see something that doesn't seem quite right.]
Documentation is now available for Assignments. (There's also a link on the Assignments page.) Find out how Assignments are put together. Years in the making! (omg, the re-writes!)
A new format for audition lists! Columns are sortable. Hold the shift key to sort by more than one column. Start typing in the search box to filter the list. Awesome. Auditions
First set of audition lists uploaded.
Call for audition lists. If you have any audition lists you can send in, please do. If I can collect a significant number I'll make them available to download and create some useful stats.
Added the ability to 'upvote' percussion options. If an option (a set of assignments) works for you, simply click the 'UP' arrow.
Recent additions/updates:
  • Movements: 44/67
  • Percussion Options: 22/12
  • Percussion Assignments: 127/17
  • Timpani Assignments: 54/8
Also fixed up Carmina Burana which got a bit messed up along the way somehow.
Additions/Updates of the past couple weeks:
  • Compositions: 133/118
  • Movements: 185/51
  • Percussion Options: 45/11
  • Percussion Assignments: 118/11
  • Timpani Assignments: 117/15
Happy 2013 to everyone:
  • a big thanks to visitors who have hit the share/like buttons in the past week or so!;
  • significant changes to the dictionary - but you will only see the changes on certain terms;
  • more design changes, touch-ups and tweaks for mobile;
  • several other behind-the-scenes updates.
Back at it again:
  • several assignment updates and additions;
  • several dictionary additions - more important changes to come;
  • design touch-ups; tweaks for mobile;
  • newsletter sign-up;
  • several other behind-the-scenes updates.
Quick update: I've been busy with a couple of projects and will be back with more good stuff in a few more weeks. Thanks.
Several updates:
  • New e-mail box on the assignments page so you can e-mail me without leaving the page. Let me know what you're looking for if you can't find it.
  • On the home page I added a convenient way to get updates about ensembles, concerts, events and news from around the music world.
  • Couple new social buttons: twitter (follow @percroom) and +1 (Google's social thingy). Please support TPR by clicking a button or three. Tnx.
  • Several design tweaks and other things you probably won't notice or care about. <|:^D
Assignments updated:
  • Arrangers and orchestrators added.
  • Added more helpful tips with a new design - hover over the small question marks to view the tips.
  • Last but not least—printable assignments. Use print preview in your browser to get a newly formatted, printable page with unnecessary stuff removed.
  • Assignments updated: Sources added: view the source(s) of all the info - scores, parts, etc.
  • Help-tips added - hover your mouse over 'Sources' and '?' to view helpful tips.
  • New page added: 'More' (see toolbar and footer); includes interesting data about the instruments we use and... More!
  • NEW search facility added. Search by composer, composition or movement in one simple action.

Concerts, Events and News
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"This is a really well thought-out, easy to use and useful idea.
I'll keep using the site to further my searches."

- Robin Engelman. Nexus (retired), PAS Hall of Fame.
"Thank you for your incredible website!"
- Ed Choi. Principal Percussion,
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.
"An invaluable resource for a world-traveling percussionist.
I wouldn't be able to manage my career without it."

- Mark Mazur. National Ballet of Canada;
Freelance Percussionist, South-East Asia.
"Brilliant, and oh, so helpful. Making assignments is
one of the worst parts of the job. It just got a whole lot
easier. Thank you."

- Matthew Hawkins, Cincinnati.
"Great site, great job!"
- Amir Lavie. Principal Percussion,
Israel Opera Orchestra.
"Bravo for creating such a helpful and organized resource!"
- Scott Herring, University of South Carolina.
"This is such a great website and saves me so much time.
The inclusion of 'less-than-optimal' options is also helpful
for the real world. Thanks, and I owe you a beer for this!"

- Vern Griffiths. Principal Percussion, Vancouver Symphony.

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